March 20, 2019   |   Product Updates

The Daily Dashboard goes mobile

The Daily Dashboard is now available on the Definitiv iOS app.

Initially added to the Definitiv web platform late last year, the Daily Dashboard has been accessible to users the past couple of months.

For the extra added convenience, the Daily Dashboard was added our iOS app to provide managers with live data, regardless of whether they are in the office or out in the field.

The Daily Dashboard shows the following information on the one screen;

  • Scheduled shift(s)
  • Total hours of scheduled shift(s);
  • Leave applications (pending and approved) for the day;
  • TimeClock events;
  • Actual times worked;
  • Total actual hours worked; and
  • Variance between scheduled and actual hours worked

If you have a large and complex business with flexible working arrangements and multiple locations, the Daily Dashboard is a great way for managers to keep track of their team movements, regardless of where their team members are located.

The Daily Dashboard has many applications in the workplace. It can help to manage absenteeism, variances between rosters and actual hours and general team management.

One thing managers lack when it comes to making decisions about their team is access to relevant information at the right time. Usually, time and attendance data lies with payroll, HR and/or administration team. The Daily Dashboard breaks down these barriers and provides managers with this information in real-time.

Daily Dashboard with legendFor example, using the Daily Dashboard a state manager can see the kitchenhand, Stuart, is yet to clock on for his shift at the café in Victoria Park and he is already 10 minutes late. Staying within the Definitiv app, the state manager can access Stuart’s contact details from the team directory and reach out to Stuart’s emergency contacts to make sure he is okay.

Showing the variances between scheduled shifts and actual worked hours is a great way to track resource fulfilment. In an office setting, a manager may only want to see the number of hours their team members are working to make sure they aren’t burning out. In a highly regulated environment such as health care, it is important for employees to be working to their rostered hours. Therefore, the Daily Dashboard caters for both of these needs and shows the variances in total hours as well as start and finish times.

If you have the necessary permissions, to access the Daily Dashboard on the iOS app, go to My Teams > Daily Dashboard.

Access to the Daily Dashboard is determined by your company’s user permissions but is a great tool for managers to keep on top of their team’s time and attendance. It is not currently available on our Android app but watch this space as it will soon be on its way.

Find out more about what you can do with the Definitiv app here.