January 21, 2020   |   Product Updates

Custom fields are now available on our TimeClocks

The TimeClocks have become one of our most popular features.

The Personal TimeClock, available on the iOS and Android Definitiv app, is consistently in the top five, if not number one, of our most used app features.

Our TimeClocks make it quick and easy to clock on and off, and change duties. While our TimeClocks are highly convenient, users have in the past been unable to capture important additional information.

We knew this was a limitation of using our TimeClock and Personal TimeClock functionality and this was apparent for companies with custom fields on the timesheet.

But we are here to tell you, this is all in the past. Custom fields are now available through the TimeClock or Personal TimeClock.

Whether your employees need to capture their kilometres or mark that they require an overtime meal allowance, these can all be filled in through our TimeClocks.

How does it work?

When clocking off or changing duties, the available custom fields will be shown to an employee to complete. Once the employee has filled in the necessary custom fields, they can then proceed to clock off or change duties.

Custom Fields TimeClock

With the introduction of custom fields, employees who need to capture information in these fields now have the freedom to no longer manually fill in timesheets or update TimeClock created timesheets later down the track.

For more information on the Personal TimeClock click here. Alternatively, to find out more about our TimeClock app, click here.