December 16, 2019   |   Product Updates

Our 2019 all wrapped up

As we come to the end of another year, we wanted to recap on what has been a big 12 months for our team.

Like everyone else, there have been some ups and downs but in general, it has been a wonderful year full of positivity and growth. With new product features, partnerships and team members, there definitely hasn’t been a boring moment.

New Features

2019 was packed with new features and enhancements. We put a large focus on our apps, making our product more mobile as well as our reporting, providing better insights, especially for managers. We also added some small items that had a large impact, i.e. configurable document folders as well as some new large features that were bundled into our first add-on module; Employee Compliance.

Below is just some of the new feature highlights from the year that was 2019.

Online Tax File Number Declarations

No more paper or portals, TFN Declarations can be entered and submitted to the ATO through Definitiv.

This one went live in August. It was also important for us to get live before we started to plan and build our Onboarding module. Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too much longer for this one, as some exciting new information will be coming in the new year.

Employee Compliance

As our very first add-on module, there was no way we weren’t going to mention this one.

Our Employee Compliance has been designed to help safeguard your business from workforce-related risks.

Team Compliance

Some of the features include;

  • Configurable compliance types (i.e. qualifications, licences and visas)
  • Configurable notification periods
  • Ability to set compliance requirements at the role and project level
  • Detailed reports
  • Mobile capability

Although the above is just the start. Other features to come include; integration with rostering, a compliance audit report and compliance matrix.

Personal TimeClock

The Personal TimeClock launched on our Definitiv iOS app in April and soon became available for Android users in June.

The Personal TimeClock allows your people to clock on and off, change duties and take breaks from the comfort of their own app.

Personal TimeClock

Whether you have people who work from home, people who are out and about or you want a more flexible time and attendance solution for your team, the Personal TimeClock is the way to go.

As always with great flexibility and power, comes measures to make sure the Personal TimeClock is suitable for all businesses and industries.

For example, when a team member clocks on or changes jobs, it will record their GPS location for each event. So if a team member clocks on for a job while they are down at the local pub enjoying an epic meal deal (seriously, where was our invite?), you are going to know. However, most importantly it is great for companies to keep track of their people’s safety.

If you have office or site-based staff, the Personal TimeClock can be restricted by pairing the functionality with an iBeacon. The iBeacon acts like a geo-fence, preventing your people from clocking on or off when they aren’t where they are supposed to be.

We also recently launched the ability to use the Personal TimeClock offline for companies with remote operations or for those times your people are stuck without reception.

Better Manager Reporting

Starting with the most recent report; the Team Variance report was made available to managers in October. In the simplest terms, the Team Variance report compares the total scheduled hours against the actual hours worked by your team members over a specified date range.

Managers can see if their team members are actually coming in and working to their scheduled hours on a regular basis, if there are team members being constantly overworked and if there is potential to move the workload to less busy team members.

Managers can even access their team’s time and attendance events directly from the report.

We can also confirm that the Team Variance report will also soon be available on mobile. If you are a Definitiv client, keep an eye on our future release notes for more information.

Another report to mention that is important for managers is the Daily Dashboard. Although this report technically came out last year, it made its way to both the iOS and Android app throughout 2019. It gives managers real-time information on their people’s whereabouts and daily events.

Daily Dashboard

Definitiv Partnerships

We love building partnerships with companies that have similar values and a passion for technology that solves problems. If you are interested in becoming a Definitiv partner, find out more about our program here.

This year we built a number of great partnerships and even though we love them all, we wanted to give kudos to two partners that joined the Definitiv family in 2019.

IT Vision

Earlier this year, we signed a partnership with IT Vision; a leading ERP provider in the local government sector.

IT Vision has been around for 30 years and are making strides when it comes to innovation. They also make a point of involving their clients along the journey to build a solution that is actually addressing and solving issues.

Definitiv forms part of IT Vision’s new enterprise solution; Altus. Like a big jigsaw puzzle, Definitiv is the people management platform component for their growing enterprise solution and will put Definitiv in local government organisations across Australia.

IT Vision

We are so proud to be working with such an innovative and personable team. We look forward to growing our platforms together to offer businesses a better way to manage processes.

Stratus Consulting

Stratus has been a long-standing partner and supporter of Definitiv. However, it wasn’t until recently Stratus decided to take the leap and be a full partner and provider of the Definitiv platform.

Stratus is also MYOB Australia & NZ Accredited Partners, helping businesses with their accounting, business and people management requirements.

We are excited to have you on-board Stratus and looking forward to what 2020 brings.

Definitiv in the Community

Variety WA

This year, our Chief Executive; Roy Mellon and his wife; Laura Mellon took on their first Variety 4WD Adventure. The pair had an aim to raise $4,000 for the important children’s charity but managed to smash it out of the park, raking in $10,000 for Variety WA. Thank you to all the clients, friends and family who generously sponsored the pair in the event.

Roy and Laura will be taking part in two Variety WA events in 2020. You can show your support for Variety WA and the pair’s charitable efforts here.


Our Chief Executive is a big supporter of our Veterans and Definitiv is involved with three Veteran related not-for-profit (NFP) organisations; Working Spirit, The General Sir Harry Chauvel Memorial Foundation and the Prince’s Trust Australia.

We want to give a special mention to Working Spirit. Working Spirit is spearheaded by the amazing Karyn Hinder, who helps retired veterans find rewarding careers in the civilian world. The NFP organisation helps connect hardworking and skilled veterans with businesses looking for loyal, organised and talented personnel.

With Roy’s support, mentorship and ambassadorship, Karyn has gone from strength to strength; growing Working Spirit’s reputation in the business community and awareness of the valued services in the veteran community.

This year, as part of Working Spirit, Karyn established her brilliant initiative; WOVEN. WOVEN stands for Women Veteran Employment Network and encourages female veterans to thrive through employment; post-service.

WOVEN launch

WOVEN was launched in July by Vince Connelly MP on behalf of its Patron, Senator and Minister for Defence; the Honourable Linda Reynolds CSC with overwhelming support from the local community.

If you are a business looking for a highly skilled and diversified talent pool to recruit from, register your business with Working Spirit here.

A Big Thank You

Finally, we want to take this opportunity to reflect and thank all our clients, partners and family members. We wouldn’t be here without your backing.

We now support over 170 clients and 25,000 users on our platform and there are no signs of us slowing down. Thank you for choosing us and working with us to improve people management.

Thank you for coming along on the Definitiv journey. We love you all!