People management for the manufacturing industry.

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Helping you to meet production deadlines.

Efficiencies and remaining operational are critical in manufacturing to meet production deadlines. Definitiv can help you achieve your targets by enabling you to better plan your workforce requirements and improve staff reliability.


Definitiv removes the stress from your payroll and workforce management.

Award interpretation

Manually applying the correct rates and penalties consistently can be difficult to maintain. Definitiv eliminates manual and timely administration by automating the interpretation of even the most complex awards and conditions.


Definitiv’s smart rostering capabilities helps to ensure you have the right amount of people on the job to meet productions deadlines, all whilst staying within budget.


Definitiv’s TimeClock not only captures true hours worked but also reduces the administrative burden on your payroll team. It even works offline, so it will never be out of action.

Definitiv is an end-to-end people platform.

We invest our time and expertise to get the intricate details right to help your company succeed.

Tap ‘n’ go

Forget lengthy pin codes and unreliable finger scanners, Definitiv’s TimeClock uses NFC technology to enable your people to tap ‘n’ go quickly, easily and securely.

Document management

With the ability to manage qualifications and licenses, Definitiv assists in ensuring your people have the necessary skills and training for the job.


The Definitiv platform is 100% cloud-based. Whether your staff are located in the office or warehouse, they’ll have access to real-time information.


Your people can access their upcoming shifts at any time via the mobile app, eliminating the need for paper rosters in the staff room.

Put the focus back into your operations.

Reducing overheads, Definitiv streamlines your payroll and workforce management. By removing paperwork, administrative duties and manual payroll processes, you can put your energy and resources back into the business.

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