Simplified people management for labour hire and recruitment.

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Organise your labour more efficiently.

With a fluid talent pool, multiple corporate clients and endless jobs to keep on top of, it’s easy to lose track. Definitiv helps you stay in control of your workforce, from the clients your people are working with and the jobs they’re involved in, to the efficient management of their time and attendance.


Manage your entire workforce using one solution.


Know when, where and with whom your people are working, by applying Definitiv’s easy to use rosters. The rosters will help you remain on top of your people’s past, present and upcoming jobs.


Definitiv helps you stay up-to-date on your talent pool. By having the people on your books confirm their times, days and dates of availability, you no longer need to spend time calling people who are unavailable for the job.


Want to add a new person to a job or assign a new role to a current employee? Enjoy flexibility and fast set-up for new additions, with the ability to assign them to multiple roles, projects and jobs.

Detailed insights

Forget spreadsheets, Definitiv can tell you how much your labour is costing you per client, project or job, over a week, month, quarter or even since the job commenced.

Simplify your time and attendance.

Manage your timesheets and approvals online, in one simple platform.

Intuitive timesheets

Definitiv’s timesheets are configured to each individual user’s set up. A person can only allocate time to projects, jobs and roles for which they have been assigned.

Flexible workflow

With people working across multiple jobs, you need to be able to have multiple approvers. Configure and include approvers that are not within your company’s org chart.

External access

Grant clients access to Definitiv to streamline the timesheet approval process. No more need for manual paper processes that are inefficient and easily misplaced.

Mobile app

Improve communication with your talent pool. The mobile app gives your people their upcoming schedules, timesheets and payslips, reducing administrative burden.

The end-to-end payroll platform.

Definitiv automates the entire payroll process, from award interpretation to superannuation contributions. Whether you have people working in singular or multiple roles, across a variety of projects, Definitiv can help you pay them accurately and consistently.

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