People management for hospitality.

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Helping you get on top of your staffing requirements.

Having the right amount of staff rostered on, managing no-shows quickly and keeping your people up-to-date on their upcoming work schedule is essential in the hospitality industry.


A workforce management and payroll platform serving the needs of the hospitality industry.


Never get caught out rostering the wrong people. Definitiv allows your people to mark down days, times and date ranges they are unavailable. This information flows through automatically when creating the roster.


Plan rosters in advance to prevent being understaffed. Definitiv’s intuitive rosters come with auto-filling, drag ‘n’ drop functionality, and bulk assignment of shifts to make the rostering process that much easier.

Reduce no-shows

The Definitiv dashboard, accessible any time on the Definitiv mobile app, shows employees their upcoming shifts. Up-to-date info gives them the ability to balance their work and other responsibilities.

A powerful people platform.

Definitiv is a single platform that manages all your workforce and payroll needs.

Award Engine

Definitiv takes care of all your award interpretation, including when an employee is working in multiple roles covered by different awards, in the same day.


Store and manage qualification documentation for fast and simple access to licenses, helping you avoid hefty fines for non-compliance.


Reduce admin and increase accuracy in attendance with Definitiv’s TimeClock. With Definitiv, your people tap ‘n’ go, making it quick and easy to clock on and off.

Job Costing

Have multiple restaurants, venues or events? Capture your labour costs per location, gig or event to accurately ascertain your return on investment and labour efficiency.

One platform with no integrations.

Definitiv takes care of your people while they are taking care of your customers’ orders. From time and attendance right through to payroll and super contributions, Definitiv manages everything under a single platform with only one license fee.

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