A helping hand for the healthcare industry.

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Giving you back the time you need.

Time is valuable when you work in the healthcare industry, and Definitiv is here to help give it back to your team. Highly configurable, Definitiv can be customised to minimise the administrative burden on your team.


Definitiv is here to take care of your workforce planning.


Managing a site and the capabilities of your talent pool can be difficult. Definitiv aids in the planning of your resources; helping you to meet staff quotas.


Get the information you need to keep your costs down. Transparency means your management team have visibility on over-utilised resources and overtime penalty rates; a cost that may not have been budgeted for.


Rostering doesn’t need to be a time-consuming hassle. Definitiv will autofill your rosters based on roles required, permanent work schedules and availability of your talent pool.

A powerful people platform.

Definitiv is a single platform that manages all your workforce and payroll needs.


Capturing the hours your people are working on each shift, Definitiv allows you to compare rostered vs actual hours worked.


Enable your people to update their own availability to avoid your company rostering on people who are unavailable to work.


Reduce the risk of non-compliance by recording and managing qualifications and expiration dates for your people.

Definitiv is with your company 24/7.

In the healthcare industry, operations never stop. The Definitiv platform is accessible anywhere and is compatible on any device. Catering for 24-hour workforces, Definitiv offers flexibility for shifts that go over midnight.

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