Work Restrictions Policy

Proactively manage WHS, overtime and annualised salary outer limits.

With Definitiv’s Work Restrictions module, you have the tools to keep your workforce safe and the insights to run a cost-effective business. Rather than managing issues after the fact when reviewing a submitted timesheet or payroll costs, have access to the data you need in real-time to proactively manage employees on visas with work limits, paid overtime rates or on annualised wages with strict outer limits and prevent them from working unwanted additional hours.

Work Restrictions Policy
Work Restrictions Phone Alert
Work Restrictions Report

How does the Work Restrictions module work?

Work Restrictions allows for minimum and maximum working hour policies to be defined and with integration to rostering and time and attendance, it enables a company to control costs and protect employee well being.

Set and forget

Start with setting policies with minimum and maximum working hours and easily apply to individual or teams. The Work Restrictions module will start working its magic.

Real-Time Alerts

With the policies in motion, if an employee starts getting closer to breaching a policy assigned to them, the applicable team members will start receiving alerts so they can take relevant actions.

Data and insights

With access to real-time reports, Definitiv helps you identify recurring resourcing issues, fatigue management trends as well as insights for cost saving.

Configurable and flexible.

We all know one rule rarely applies to all. With Definitiv's Work Restrictions module, you have the ability to set different policies and rules for your various workforce groups; from office to factory and from casual to full time.

Customisable timeframes

Be able to set minimum and maximum hour policies for a day, week, fortnight or customisable time range.

Apply multiple policies

Have employees that get paid overtime based on the hours they work a day and over a week's span? Easy, set and apply multiple policies to that team.

Custom vs global

Maintain a global library of policies to easily apply policies to new team members and create custom policies at an employee level for those unique situations.

Static and rolling periods

Whether you purely want to look at the hours worked Monday to Friday or a continuous rolling four week period to comply with Fair Work rules, Definitiv can help you manage both.

Be alert in advance with Definitiv's rostering.

Rostering and work restrictions work in partnership to provide warnings on potential shift breaches, making it easier to prevent excessive overtime and work health and safety issues from occurring in the future.

  • See valuable insights in advance
  • Forecast your workforce costs
  • Make life simple with a roster template library
  • Easily update and maintain active rosters
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Work restrictions alert in the roster

Change management made easy.

Work Restrictions module comes with the ability to set automatic reminders for employees to clock on and off. If clocking on and off is new to the business or for a new team member, these automatic notifications are a great way to help remind employees at the right times. Plus, as we all lead busy lives, it is an excellent feature for those days, we do just forget.

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