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Best of both worlds.

Definitiv’s TimeClock App, makes clocking on and off simple for employees while ensuring you can track and manage your people, right down to the task at hand.

Easy to use

The Definitiv TimeClock has been built for real people in mind. Using modern technology, Definitiv makes clocking on and off simple yet secure.

Tap ‘n’ go

Secure and simple, TimeClock utilises NFC technology (used in bank and public transport cards), so staff can tap ‘n’ go to automatically create and fill timesheets.

Change duties

The Definitiv TimeClock allows your people to register changes in their duties, ensuring measurable and accurate job costing at all times.

Apply for leave

For added convenience and reduced administration, your people can even apply for leave, straight through the TimeClock App.

Stay operational

Don’t have access to the internet? No need to worry, the Definitiv TimeClock App functions fully offline, storing the data until it is back online.

Real-time integration

The Definitiv TimeClock is part of the Definitiv platform. With only one true source of data, the TimeClock feeds live information to Definitiv so you can track an employee’s whereabouts and movements in real-time.

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