We take your data seriously.

To guarantee the integrity and security of your payroll and HR data, we adopt industry-leading practices and technology.

Enterprise-level security

Your data is our number one priority. We have put a number of measures in place to protect your data from unauthorised access.

Trustworthy infrastructure

Definitiv is backed by secure Amazon Web Services technology, with 99.99% uptime service level agreements. Plus, all data is secured only on Australian data centres.

Safe encryption

Definitiv is protected with 256-bit TLS encryption, the same high level of encryption used by banks to protect the privacy of your data.

Custom password policy

From minimum length to specific characters required, you can determine the complexity of your company’s password.

24/7 monitoring

With the help of machine learning to flag abnormal activity, Definitiv is monitored 24/7 to identify any malicious or unauthorised behaviour.

Data at rest

Encrypting data at rest is an additional layer of protection, preventing unauthorised access to your data.

Independent databases

All data is kept separate at client level to safeguard the integrity of your data from contamination.

Unique URL

Each of our customers are provided with individual URLs. The unique URL ensures no other customer has access to your company’s login page.

Definitiv security.

When it comes to security, Definitiv looks at the bigger picture. We make sure even at client level, we are protecting your business and give you the ability to define your own controls.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Enabling your IT to maintain centralised control over credentials and authorisation, Definitiv can be linked to your organisation’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

Configurable user access

True to our word, even user access levels can be configured to individual tasks. Enabling you to have effective segregation of duties, you can create as many user authorisation levels as you need. If you have multiple entities, a user’s access can even be tailored differently to each entity.

Two-factor authentication

An additional layer of security, two-factor authentication helps to prevent an unauthorised person from being able to log in to your people’s accounts.

App level security

All Definitiv apps follow the same security protocol as the Definitiv web platform, with the additional ability to adopt device security-enabled features, i.e. Face ID. Enhancing security over access to the app, it also provides greater convenience and familiarity to your people.

Penetration testing

Definitiv regularly undergoes stringent penetration testing to safeguard the platform from unsuspecting or unauthorised access, and to guarantee the security of your data.

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