A rostering solution that is fit for purpose.

Definitiv’s rostering tool provides you with end-to-end visibility over your workforce. With all your jobs, projects and divisions in one place, Definitiv gives you the capability to cover all facets of your business with the right resources.

Freedom from timely processes.

With greater flexibility and a friendly user experience, Definitiv accommodates to your organisational requirements and will help save your business time with resource planning.


Utilising a long-term work schedule, role, project and resource capability data, Definitiv intelligently matches the right people for your jobs.

Drag ‘n’ drop

Definitiv’s rosters are highly flexible and easy to use. With drag ‘n’ drop functionality, you can move shifts around with little to no effort.

Bulk fill positions

Reduce time spent on filling out the roster by being able to assign people to multiple shifts at once.

Roster templates

Don’t start from scratch every time. For that added convenience, Definitiv allows you to set up reusable roster templates.

Attendance safeguards.

Managing last-minute, unexplained absences can be stressful and difficult to govern. Definitiv has a number of functions in place to help reduce no-shows and keep your operations on track.


Your people can set days and times of availability, and block out date ranges as unavailable. Making it simple, anyone who is unavailable is shown as unavailable when creating a roster.

Flexible & live rosters

Editing rosters in Definitiv is simple. Once you have made and published the changes, all affected employees will be notified in real-time. You can even require acknowledgement from your people to ensure they are onboard with the updates.

Upcoming work schedule

In Definitiv, your people are shown their upcoming work schedule on the dashboard as soon as they login. Now there is no longer any excuse for no-shows.

Team contact details

Sometimes unexplained or last-minute absences can’t be prevented. Therefore, after checking potential staff availability, Managers can quickly access team members contact details and get a replacement in no time.

Giving you the insights you need.

Rostering is more than just filling shift vacancies. There is so much more to consider, especially when it comes to execution. Definitiv will provide you with the data needed to help you make informed decisions on your workforce.

Rostered hours vs actual hours

Definitiv gives you the ability to compare rostered hours to actual hours. Easily analyse whether your people are starting late, finishing early or even working overtime to understand if changes need to be made at either an employee level or roster level.

Resource costing

Be able to easily review how much your roster is going to cost you in labour before making any commitments. Definitiv can even help you identify opportunities for cost savings by showing who has been under- and who has been over-resourced.

Aggregating rosters

Helping you to oversee numerous jobs and operations on-the-go, Definitiv allows you to view multiple rosters over multiple rostering periods on one screen.

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