Plant and Equipment Admin Screen

Manage and report on all your plant and equipment easily.

Definitiv’s Plant and Equipment module allows you to record and report on physical assets assigned to individuals and jobs to ensure your operations run smoothly and your business has full oversight of costs.

Track utilisation of your physical assets to drive maintenance and reporting.

Whether it is to track asset utilisation or costing, with Definitiv you can easily manage and report on all the plant and equipment employed throughout your operations. Definitiv captures the information you need to feed important data through to your ERP system for maintenance and reporting purposes.

Assign assets

Allocate equipment to individuals and projects to monitor usage and costs by job.

Easily collect data

Record asset utilisation via time and attendance and capture the data you need with multiple units of measure.

ERP connectivity

Connect your ERP or asset management software with APIs to add and update assets easily for reporting purposes and to track asset maintenance.

Record, track and report.

In connection with Defintiv’s Personal TimeClock functionality, employees are able to record data against assets when they have completed a job.

Whether they have taken out the 4WD or utilised the forklift, these assets can be easily costed against a project, job or another cost centre within your business.

Safety and compliance first.

Keeping your workforce safe always come first. With Definitiv, you have the necessary information to confirm your team members are compliant and qualified to use a piece of plant and equipment.

  • Assign compliance requirements to plant an equipment
  • Record an employee’s licences and qualifications
  • Report on currency of compliance documentation
  • Remain proactive with upcoming expiry notifications
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