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Team Compliance Report

Keeping your business safe and productive

Definitiv helps to safeguard your business from workforce-related risks. Equipping you with the compliance checks and notifications you need to remain productive and operational.

The tools to keep your people in check

Staying on top of your people’s compliance records to meet operational and regulatory requirements can be a job in itself. Definitiv automates your compliance processes and helps to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Compliance requirements

Make sure people have the right skills, qualifications, visas and other compliance requirements by assigning compulsory compliance records to roles and projects.

Configurable notifications

Not all compliance requirements are the same. Therefore, Definitiv allows you to set custom notice periods and configure the notification settings for each compliance record.

In-depth reporting

Having a compliant workforce is vital to ensure a safe environment and helps maintain operational efficiencies. Definitiv's comprehensive reports will enable you to analyse your people's compliance capabilities.

Compliance matrix

Definitiv’s compliance matrix will help you understand your team’s current level of competency, identify gaps and pinpoint opportunities for professional development.

Roster on a compliant workforce

Staying on top of compliance and ensuring people have the right skills, licences or qualifications to take on a role or project can be a minefield. Definitiv helps to ease the stress by showing you who is and who isn’t compliant to work in a specific role, project or shift, as you are filling in the roster.

Compliance on-the-go

Be able to easily check your people’s compliance while you are away from the desk. Whether you are on-site, on the road or in the field, you can quickly see which team members are compliant to work and which ones need their compliance records to be renewed.

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