Changing the industry.

Definitiv’s Award Engine is the first of its kind. Instead of rigid, built-in awards or costly custom-developed awards and registered agreements, Definitiv empowers its customers by providing a 100% configurable Award Engine, allowing employers to create their own rules and conditions.

Build your own awards.

Create your own policies to match the awards and enterprise agreements in your business. Definitiv’s Award Engine caters for all pay rates, entitlements and allowances.

Drag ‘n’ drop functionality

Providing you with the ability to add and change rules within the award quickly, you’ll be making updates like a pro in no time.


Definitiv gives you the freedom to build awards on your terms, allowing for individual customisations or changes.


Need to increase pay rates or add a new entitlement? With Definitiv, you can version and copy your previous award policies while archiving older ones.

Qualified payroll consultants

It’s okay if you need help along the way. Our team of qualified and licensed payroll consultants can assist you in building compliant award policies.

Automating the award interpretation.

Traditionally, award interpretation is the most manual and time-consuming facet of the pay run. Definitiv’s Award Engine automates the award interpretation for you; increasing compliance and reducing the resources you need to dedicate to it.

No more spreadsheets

Spreadsheets and manual calculations are now a thing of the past. Removing manual intervention reduces the likelihood of human error and the need to make corrections down the track.

Multiple awards at once

From managing multiple awards within a pay run, to processing multiple awards for an employee in a single day, Definitiv can help with the most complex operations.

Fully compliant

Payroll is bound by strict regulations and compliance with a number of jurisdictional bodies. Definitiv’s Award Engine will produce the accurate information you need to be fully compliant with all of them.

Making your compliance #1.

Payroll is a fundamental function of any company that employs people. As compliance around payroll steadily grows, so does the associated risk to your business. Definitiv’s Award Engine ensures even the most complex award arrangements can be catered for.

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